Sean Taylor has worked behind the scenes on countless stage and television shows providing materials, training, tuition, scripting and consultancy advice to people wanting to add some magic or pizzazz to their presentations.

He has trained actors, speakers, dancers, magicians, ice skaters, stuntmen and sports stars to produce, vanish and manipulate rabbits, flowers, playing cards, handkerchiefs, newspapers, rings and even a motor car!

After more than 25 years in the professional magic business, there is almost no request he has not received. To add some magic to your event, play, musical, speech or TV show, there is one man to call.

A few of Sean's latest projects include...

The Wizard of Oz, Skating with the Stars, Mysteries Of Charles Dickens, Joe Labero, Godspell, The Music Man, Joseph and his Amazing Techincolour Dreamcoat, Cats, Witches Of Eastwick, A Current Affair, The Sound Of Music, World Scout Jamboree and The Schools Spectacular.

To find out how to add Sean Taylor's Mind Reading show to your next event, click here!

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