What is Mind Reading?

It is exactly as it sounds...although we prefer to call it 'thought reading'. If it was possible to read everything in your minds then Sean would probably be working for the government! The mind reading show begins with some simple but comical warm up exercises for the audience to allow Sean to size them up and get a feel for those who will be most able to communicate their inner thoughts. It's funny and interactive right from the get go! Then the fun begins, first numbers, then dates and simple shapes are merely thought of but somehow Sean reveals them instantly. Words are chosen at random from popular and even borrowed books and again he nails them every time. Groups of audience members are allowed to lie or tell the truth but Sean can tell the liars with a degree of accuracy even the FBI would be proud of. Pictures drawn by audience members are sealed in envelopes and are recreated with remarkable accuracy. Finally, a single audience member is allowed to call the shots in a remarkable display of one on one mind reading.

Are people actually hypnotised?

No, they are not. The process is aided by relaxation and focus but this is no more than you might do on a tricky crossword puzzle or on the squash court. The show is easier if people remain sober but that's the only real requirement.

Is it all a bit heavy?

Actually no, its hilarious, wait until you see your colleagues trying to draw pictures, focus on words, pass a lie detector test. Sean is often billed as a corporate comedian, a label he's not really keen on since he believes its the audience who make it funny, he's merely the catalyst. It is fair to say that his razor sharp wit and uncanny English way of pointing out the ridiculous make it all a bit of a lark.

So how does it work?

Well we're not going to tell you but what we will say is that Sean uses a range of little known mind techniques to create the impression of true mind reading. Back in the 80's he worked for over many years in the recruitment business and with interviewing executives at the rate of 6 or 7 a day he finally realised that he could accurately predict the answers to most of the simple questions. This formed the basis of the technique he uses today. Naturally there are elements of body language, NLP, simple mind control techniques and pure perception which combined leave a very powerful impression on your audience. Add to this some presentations tailored to your company and you'll see that it's a powerful business tool too

Where does Sean Work?

Sean is based in Sydney but a good proportion of his work is interstate and overseas. Unlike a magician the act requires no special equipment and so it can travel anywhere. These past 2 years he has been involved in 4 or 5 national promotional campaigns which have involved presentations in every state capital in Australia and also in Auckland.

How big could the audience be?

The show can be tailored to suit all groups. 30 - 40 is realistically the minimum size and Sean has worked for crowds up to 850 in cruise ship showrooms around the South Pacific. The level of interaction of this style of entertainment means that even with a bigger crowd it seems somehow very personal.

What is the duration of the show?

Typically presentations last 45-60 minutes depending on the schedule of the event but equally a short sharp 15-30 minute tailored performance could be added to a product launch.

How is he able to work in the product or message?

Sean prefers to meet with you prior to the engagement to discuss your requirements, learn more about the ethos of the organisation and work out how best to make the audience feel that this is presentation is for them alone.

What are the technical requirements?

Public Address Sean requires a Shure quality lavaliere or lapel microphone (or headset) and a separate handheld radio mic with sufficient quality PA for the size of the audience. (A PA is necessary even for the smallest crowds in most settings.) Sean will provide his own music which can be connected to the system provided and controlled remotely by him during the performance. A house system is in most cases insufficient. The audience must hear the instructions clearly every time and without distraction (Within Sydney he is able to provide his own PA in most circumstances).


Sean has limited special lighting requirements other than the fact that he must be able to see the audience clearly at certain times during the performance. This may require house lighting and a competent lighting controller. A technical rehearsal earlier in the day is essential for most events so access to the performance room is important.


Again the requirements are limited but as this is an intimate style of entertainment, Sean must be able to communicate with individual audience members regularly throughout the show. There are often as many as 5 or 6 people on the stage at any one time so this should be considered when setting the performing area. Playing across a dance floor will make the show almost impossible. We are happy to provide a diagram of suggested layouts if you have any doubt.

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