Mind Reading

A mind reading show is like no other form of entertainment. It's a rollercoaster ride through the capabilities of the human mind. We've all picked up the phone and known who will be on the other end, we've all woken up thinking of a long lost friend, only to hear from them just hours later. We've all had gut feelings which later turned out to be correct. Imagine if you could heighten and control that sense. Sean Taylor has and he's about to share that experience with you.

Sean combines known but little used psychological principles, creative language and persuasive techniques to literally read the minds of the audience in an hilarious interactive experience which is felt, not only by those who volunteer, but by everyone in the audience. Could you beat a Human Lie Detector? Could you be talked out of winning money simply by being shown a picture? How much do your drawings tell us about your character? How many numbers could you remember in order? Are your eyes truly the mirror of your soul?

So, is it really mind reading? Sean prefers to call it thought reading...your very thoughts, ideas, words, names, full sentences and even drawings are re-created before your eyes with unerring accuracy. Imagine an intriguing experience half way between the crazy world of the Comic Magician and the skill of the Stage Hypnotist and you'll begin to understand the habitat of Sean Taylor. Sean is a master performer with over 20 years experience of corporate entertainment in more than a dozen countries. His powerful and dynamic presentations create a memorable experience for your customers, staff or colleagues.

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