MindPower is a unique key note presentation demonstrating through amazing and often hilarious effects, the hidden powers of the human mind.  This fast moving 1 hour show is perfect for national and regional sales meetings, management retreats, conferences and internal sales and marketing presentations. With audience participation from beginning to end, your personnel literally are the show. MindPower is designed to provide a fun interlude from the bump and grind of the corporate atmosphere but also hits home with a clear message that with virtually no extra effort, you can improve your performance simply by using your MindPower.

Sean Taylor is a master performer and key note speaker with over 20 years experience of corporate entertainment in more than a dozen countries. His powerful and dynamic presentations create a memorable experience for your customers, staff or colleagues. Sean's background as an executive recruiter and trainer allowed him the opportunity to become a master of body language and that, combined with his entertainment prowess and heightened sense of Intuition, allow him to create the illusion of true mind reading.

Imagine an experience half way between the Sales Office, the crazy world of the Comic Magician and the skill of the Stage Hypnotist and you'll begin to understand the habitat of the Mind Reader. Simple thoughts are recreated with unerring accuracy, numbers, names, dates, words and, ultimately full sentences and even drawings can be duplicated in a seemingly inexplicable manner. Lightning memory and number demonstrations serve to show how easy it is to untap these little known tricks of the human mind. This is an experience you and your staff will not want to miss. Every audience member will be able to demonstrate improvements and changes to their minds at the end of the presentation - Guaranteed!...

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