Sean Taylor is one of the most sought after entertainers and speakers in Australia. His razor sharp wit, hilarious audience management and cheeky humour make him a natural for the Aussie corporate environment. Sean has a corporate background as a marketing and management consultant and his skills in body language and highly trained intuition allowed him to develop a truly remarkable mind reading act.

Sean has been a professional magician and mind reader for over 25 years. His work has taken him to more than 15 countries around the globe including guest performances at the World Magic Championships in Holland and twice at the International Mind Readers Conference in Las Vegas. He has appeared in venues as diverse as The Loews Hotel in Monte Carlo, The London Hilton, The Sydney Opera House, and London's famous Magic Circle and has also made more than 20 TV appearances and has even read minds LIVE on Radio. He has performed for a portfolio of sports stars, politicians and TV personalities which would fill many web pages!

Sean is widely respected among his peers and is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle - The only performer in Australia to hold the highest degree. He has been invited to lecture many times on his innovative techniques around the world. He has also won more than 20 awards for his magic and has published several books for magicians showcasing his unique approach to the art. His latest book MindStorms has been described as a seminal text and will become a standard. Sean is well known as a creative force within the highly secretive magic fraternity. In Australia he is respected as a force among magicians and, when not performing, he works hard to help develop the work of others within his field.

In Australia, Sean's work takes him regularly the length and breadth of the country (His one hour act fits in a briefcase!) and often into Asia and New Zealand. He frequently tours right across the continent with specially tailored presentations taking in every state capital for his corporate clients. Sean believes in working closely with his clients to deliver special presentations which not only suit the target audience but convey something of the client's wisdom or corporate message. His shows will frequently involve slogans, advertising materials or even the actual products which he uses in interesting and innovative ways to create uniquely different yet totally mind blowing effects.

Event Planners, Sales and Marketing Managers and Senior Executives repeatedly select Sean to anchor a successful event. Trade Shows, Conferences, Sales Meetings, Dinners, Seminars, Product Launches, Hospitality Suites, Training Days, Golf Days and Conventions are all ideal targets for his special brand of presentation. Sean has launched and promoted more than 200 different products from mobile phones to pharmaceuticals, cars to razors, chocolates to software and printers to footwear. Companies such as Fuji Xerox, BAT, Deloitte, Singletons, Qantas, NAB, George Weston Foods, AAPT, Roche, Toshiba, Lindt Chocolate, 3M, Baxter Healthcare, SKB, Ricoh, Core and Zenith are just a few recent clients who have delighted in his specially tailored presentations.

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