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Strolling entertainment is perfectly suited to intimate settings such as pre-dinner drinks, cocktail functions, sporting hospitality suites and in between dinner courses. Sean Taylor performs stunning sleight of hand magic and remarkable mind tricks at close quarters with the effects happening literally right in the hands of your clients and guests. This stunning form of entertainment is funny yet remarkable at the same time. Borrowed rings and notes turn up in the strangest of places and you certainly would not choose to play cards with this man! (Yes, he is barred from the casino so don't ask!)

Strolling entertainment creates the perfect ice breaker; getting guests loosened up and giving them something to talk about and remember for a very long time. Several of Sean's clients have booked him regularly for a variety of smaller events for over 15 years. Sean has also hand picked and trained a team of the most professional strolling magicians around Australia so no event is too big for his MAGIC crew.

"If you are looking for a cost effective way to leave a lasting impression on your clients, I can think of no better way." Ask your bureau about Sean Taylor's strolling entertainment.

Sean quite literally 'wrote the book' on this style of work in Australia. His close-up magic creations and inventions are performed by magicians all over the world. His work has been translated into 5 languages and he has even taken on the big guns - he invented two of the best selling products used by magicians in the world's magic capital, Japan!

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